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Application Artwork Design Guidelines

iOS devices

5, 5C, 5S, SE6, 6S6 Plus, 6S PlusiPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7”iPad Pro 12.9”
XCode points:320×568375×667414×736768×10241024×1366
Screen resolution:640×1136750×13341080×19201536×20482048×1366
Launch screen:640×1136750×13341242×22081536×20482048×1366
App icon:120×120120×120180×180152×152167×167
App Store icon:1024×10241024×10241024×10241024×10241024×1024
Spotlight icon:80×80120×120180×180120×120120×120
Settings icon:58×5858×5887×8787×8787×87
Toolbar & navigation icons (approx.):44×4444×4466×6644×4444×44
Tab bar icon (approx.):50×5050×5075×7550×5050×50
Web clip icon:120×120120×120120×120120×120167×167
This is how your icon has to look like:
This is how your icon will look like in App Store:

AppStore icon must be named as «iTunesArtwork».

PNG (PNG-24, 8 bpc) file-format is recommended for all icons.

You don’t need to use alpha channel or alpha-mask for your icon — mask will be automatically applied by OS.

For more information visit iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

 — Required

 — Recommended

Android devices

Android bases on different screen pixel densities. There are only 5 of them:

160 dpi

240 dpi

320 dpi

480 dpi

640 dpi
Launcher icon:48×4872×7296×96144×144192×192
Google Play store:512×512512×512512×512512×512512×512
The first number is the size of the
icon area, and the second is file size.
Action bar, dialog & tab icon24×24 in 32×3236×36 in 48×4848×48 in 64×6472×72 in 96×9696×96 in 128×128
Small contextual icons:16×1624×2432×3248×4864×64
The first number is the size of the
icon area, and the second is file size.
Notification icon:22×22 in 24×2433×33 in 36×3644×44 in 48×4866×66 in 72×7288×88 in 96×96

For more information visit Google Material Design Guidelines.