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This article is outdated. Since iTunes 12.7 Apple deprecated ad hoc build distribution.


Running iOS Ad-Hoc Builds

You can preview your application before it's available in the App Store by using ad-hoc builds. Ad-hoc builds run only on specific iOS devices, which are identified by their unique device IDs (UDIDs). The instructions below explain how to install the ad-hoc build of your iOS application.


Find Your UDID

Obtain your device unique ID as described in Find Your UDID. Provide Mercury Development with your iOS device's UDID and get the ad-hoc build (a file with an .ipa filename extension) via e-mail.


Install Ad-Hoc Build of iOS Application via iTunes.

Save the application file you received via e-mail to a folder on your computer.

Open iTunes and select "Apps" - "My Apps" in the upper menu.

Drag and drop the application file from the folder into “Apps” tab of iTunes.

Select your device in iTunes and click “Apps” in the sidebar.

Search for your file in the apps list and click “Install”.
Click the “Apply” button on the bottom to apply changes on your device.


After performing these steps, you will find an icon for your application on the desktop of your device. Enjoy!